Prison Utopia

Is different from White Privilege prison addiction, which by the way, some very interesting folks, mostly sexist men, are consumed by it. You know them because they are obsessed with the horrors of prison life and as quiet as it’s kept, these same sexist men are engaged in behavior that is worthy of a prison cell. So yea, they’re living in fear, but in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat and her name is Hillary Clinton. So, the next time the anti-Clinton barrage reference prison, know this, that’s the prison they’re already rotting in.

I’ll say this, that getting into politics could be seen as going to prison, except everything is perfect, and it feels more like a journey then standing still. Where hard work pay off and where millions of hard working Americans support Hillary Clinton, because she is one of the hardest working woman in politics, to the degree, that propping up Donald Trump to look like her equal, cost our corporate media apparatus over $2 billion dollars. Think about that, the next time some sponsored corporate political pundit brags about Trump’s poll numbers. You give me $2 billion dollars of free media, and I’d be polling high for any political office. C’mon, our corporate media apparatus is peeing on your legs and telling you it’s raining. Here’s the best part, that was just half of the strategy, because our corporate media apparatus, often and without hesitation, vilified Hillary Clinton. Then, to remind us that this strategy is the shiznit, our corporate sponsored political pundits regurgitate Clinton’s unfavorable polling. Perfect! Yet, and this is also the best part, Hillary Clinton is so good at politics, that men like Trump are lining up to challenge her, and she has to give them a number, and they have to wait their turn. Perfect!

Where are your tax returns, Donald Trump? Have you lost your mind? Opps, that’s a trick question. Anyhoot, I know a diversionary tactic when I see one. Which proves that Donald Trump is hiding something in his tax returns, something that could probably end his Presidential campaign. Because it would be so embarrassing, humiliating, and the entire world would once again be laughing at him.  It’s time for Trump to put on his big boys underpants, grow some cojones, and release his tax returns. Imagine what we could discover, that Trump is an financial fraud, or that he claimed John Miller and John Barron as dependents, or that Trump broke several tax laws, that could cost him his freedom, or anything that is deceitful, corrupt, and damaging to Trump’s brand as a trash talker. Could it be that Trump has champagne taste, but a beer budget? Equiring minds want to know!

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