Taxgate Day 5

On May 13, 2016, Donald, My tax rate is ‘none of your business‘ Trump, opened Pandora’s Box. It’s now day 5, of taxgate, and already our corporate media apparatus had ignored this epic scandal. Why? Because Clinton vs Trump would crumble under the weight of Trump’s fear to release his tax returns. However, you’ve come to the right blog to read all about it. “Day 5 of Taxgate,” OK, we already know that Trump is definitely hiding something when it comes to his tax returns, so enquiring minds want to know, “What is Trump hiding?” More importantly, whatever Trump is hiding, it’s probably scandalous enough to end his Presidential campaign. Truth be told, the fact that our corporate media apparatus is doing its best to divert attention away from Trump’s many indiscretions, is very revealing. It reveals how heavily our corporate media apparatus had invested into their Clinton vs Trump rating$ juggernaut. I ain’t mad at our corporate media apparatus, no, I’m delighted because I have an unique opportunity to tell you about Donald Trump’s Betrayal, and The Three Faces of Donald Trump. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Trump had another meltdown over a political ad which depicted his past statements mouthed by others. Trump was embarrassed and humiliated, to the degree, that he switched into one of his other alter egos, Miller or Barron, and screamed lawsuit. Yea, Trump didn’t dispute the authenticity of his insidious statements, no, he publicly whined like a baby, cause he’s thin skinned. Just proves the harsh reality of White Privilege, it doesn’t exist anymore.

However if you want more scandals, deceitfulness, a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of other, dishonesty and ruthlessness, carnival barker, Keystone Kops, and betrayal/revenge all steaming from inside the Republican Party, then ya need to come back to this blog, cause Donald Trump’s Betrayal, and The Three Faces of Donald Trump are the shiznit. 


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