The Harsh Reality Of White Privilege

Seriously, this Trump vs Clinton strategy designed by our corporate media apparatus, is just linguistic code for White Privilege vs White Trash. Don’t get it twisted, this is a brilliant strategy, if I may say so myself. C’mon, the consensus from our corporate media apparatus, you know, where White Privilege is alive and well, is that White Trash is undeserving of our Presidency. Makes sense, if you look at all those self-centered, smug, and arrogant political pundits spewing their White Privilege propaganda. Listen, I get it, our corporate media apparatus is a business, and all is fair.  As in, the one advantage of being White Trash, is being higher on the White Privilege totem pole, then Blacks. There are exception to that rule, or course, as in the case of Bill and Hillary Clinton, they’re at the bottom alongside Blacks. Holy smokes, our corporate media apparatus had succeeded in persuading non-white Americans to believe in White Privilege, and that White Privilege is closest to GOD than anyone. Which makes this strategy even more brilliant. Case in point, for over two decades, our corporate media apparatus succeeded in designing a deliberate continual, and all-pervasive propaganda campaign, to solidify Bill and Hillary Clinton status as White Trash. As if that wasn’t enough drama, there are plenty of African-Americans vilifying Bill and Hillary Clinton today, because truth be told, the consensus among African-Americans, is that White Trash hates them. So the propensity to return the hatred to mutual. A Brilliant strategy that keeps getting better. What you won’t hear from our corporate media apparatus is that Donald Trump’s Betrayal, and The Three Faces of Donald Trump are the shiznit. If you’re like me, you want to read about the more deceitful, underhanded, vicious, toxic, revengeful, insidious, ego driven, imbalanced, and amoral behavior of Donald Trump. C’mon, this is White Privilege gone amok.

Donald Trump is the most insidious form of dishonesty, yet our corporate media apparatus constructs elaborate webs of lies to conceal, or minimize his diabolical behavior. Something about rating$ and profit$. Like I’d said, it’s business and we should stop taking it so personally. If we really wanted to cancel Donald Trump’s reality show, we’d stop watching cable news shows. But, it’s hard not to look at a train wreck, I know, cause it just is. So, here’s my suggestion, just say no to cable news, (I know easier said than done), and visit my blog to get your daily updates on Donald Trump’s Betrayal, and The Three Faces of Donald Trump. Like, enquiring minds want to know if Donald Trump claimed John Miller, and John Barron as dependents on his tax returns and that’s one of the reasons why Trump doesn’t want to release it.

Relax, don’t worry, she got this! 😀

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