Trump Is A Cyberbully

Trump repeatedly uses his Twitter account to intimidate others. But, when confronted with failure, Trump switches to one of his alter egos, John Miller or John Barron. Case in point, in order to divert attention from why he doesn’t want to release his tax returns, Trump switched to his alter ego, John Barron, and released an audio tape of Trump’s other alter ego, John Miller, who was bragging about Trump’s sexual infidelities and bank accounts. So, besides being a Narcissist, suffering from Dissociative Identity disorder, had betrayed the Republican Party, spewed racism, paranoia, Islamophobia, and is a bully/ cyberbully, our corporate media apparatus still holds Trump in high esteem. Here’s the best part, today, May 16, 2016, the new/old talking points from our corporate media apparatus, that Hillary Clinton in equal to Donald Trump based on unfavorable polls. See, our corporate media apparatus can decide when women are equal to men, and when they’re not. C’mon, when it comes to equal pay, our corporate media apparatus decided that men and women are not equal. Who’s zooming who?

Ignorance is not a virtue, unless you’re one of the owners of our corporate media apparatus. Because holding ignorant Trump in high esteem, because he’s a rating$ juggernaut, also confirms the harsh reality of while privilege, that it too is a mental disorder, Sociopath.  Hey, birds of a feather, flock together.

While our corporate media apparatus had invested heavily in their Clinton vs Trump strategy, it may ended sooner than expected. Why? Because Donald Trump’s Betrayal, and The Three Faces of Donald Trump are the shiznit. C’mon, Donald Trump is a walking encyclopedia of mental disorders. That’s a recipe for disaster for the Republican Party. All I can say is, stay tune to more betrayal, revenge, deceit, dishonesty, corruption, ruthlessness, and more, coming from Trump’s campaign, while our corporate media apparatus keeps dropping the ball with their failing strategy, i.e. Clinton vs Trump.

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