Trump vs Miller vs Barron

You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Trump has a severe form of dissociation. In other words, Dissociative Identity Disorder or my favorite, Split Personalities. C’mon, Trump is a walking encyclopedia of mental disorders. So far, we know Trump is a Narcissist and now we know he has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Most importantly, this encyclopedia of mental disorder, Trump, is the face of the Republican Party. Here’s the best part, our corporate media had and is amassing a fortune by holding Trump in high esteem. Rating$ and Profit$ go hand in hand. I ain’t mad at our corporate media apparatus, because Trump had mastered the art of Betrayal, as much as the Republican Party had mastered the art of Revenge. Now you and I know, that Betrayal and Revenge are worth their weight in gold. You can only hear about Donald Trump’s Betrayal right here. You may prefer our corporate media apparatus’s Clinton vs Trump rating$ juggernaut, and I don’t blame you, it’s brilliant, but if you want as much, if not more insidious deceit, dishonesty, mental disorders, betrayal and revenge, then visit this blog, it’s the shiznit.

Trump’s current spokespeople may had manipulated millions of Trump’s supporters, into believing that Trump doesn’t suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, but I’m here to tell you, “The Three Faces of Donald Trump,” is the shiznit. Trump’s alter ego, John Barron knows everything about Trump’s other alter ego,  John Miller, but John Miller is unaware of John Barron. Truth be told, John Barron sought revenge against John Miller by releasing the audio tape to the Washington Post. Why? To sabotage Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. When I say that Donald Trump had mastered the art of betrayal, well, Trump betrayed his alter ego John Barron and John Barron sought revenge against Trump, that’s how deep this scandal goes. However, those willingly jumping on Trump’s bandwagon, are, and I say this with kindness, suffering from their own mental disorders. C’mon, Republicans unwillingness to share power, because they suffer from a GOD complex, is a recipe for disaster. Stay tune for more tales from, “The Three Faces of Donald Trump.”

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