John Miller Schemes In A Machiavellian Way

You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but “John Barron,” one of Trump’s alter egos, sought revenge against another of Trump’s alter egos, “John Miller,” and ended up sabotaging Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. The three faces of  Donald Trump, i.e. Miller, Barron, and Trump. So Trump wasn’t lying when he said that he wasn’t the voice on the recently released audio tape conversation between, “John Miller,” PR spokesperson for the Trump organization and a reporter from People magazine named Sue Carswell back in the early 1990’s. It was Trump’s alter ego “John Miller,” who was the culprit, and he bragged about Trump’s mistresses and other egregious behavior. Truth be told, the consensus is that Trump recently leaked the tape to the Washington Post. If you’re like me, there’s some truth to that, but only if you re-word that statement. You see, it was Trump’s alter ego, “John Barron,” who released that audio tape to the Washington Post. Don’t you see, that Barron sought revenge against Miller by leaking that tape to the Washington Post. C’mon, Trump betrayed his alter ego, “John Barron,” back in the early 1990’s, by switching to his other alter ego “John Miller.” However, Trump’s alter ego, Barron couldn’t help but feel betrayed by Trump and sought revenge against Miller. The three faces of Donald Trump, is really a modern day psycho Julius Caesar. Only in this tale, Trump was Julius Caesar and his alter ego Barron was Brutus. WOW, and I do mean, WOW, cause when enough time passed, Trump never saw revenge coming. “Et tu Brutus?” 

Trump’s alter ego, John Barron will be the unlikely hero in this wicked tale of Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Anti-socialism. The three faces of Donald Trump. First there was Donald Trump’s Betrayal, and today, hallelujah, there’s John Barron’s Revenge.

Enquiring minds want to know why Barry Bennett, senior adviser to the Trump campaign, thought it was a good ideal to appear on, “All In With Chris Hayes,” on May 13, 2016, and minimized Trump’s past infidelities? C’mon, Trump can’t have it both ways, minimizing his past infidelities, but putting a BIG spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s perceived past infidelities. Barry Bennett looked and sounded like a fool, just sayin!

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