Republicans Propensity For Revenge

Was it just me, or did anyone else witness the Republican’s insidious behavior towards former President Clinton? You know, the daily ritual of vilifying, accusations, and of course the barrage of judgmental hypocrisy. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Republicans used the same playbook on President Obama. Only this time their insidious behavior was motivated by racism. It was revenge on steroids and it threw a monkey wrench called, “Birtherism,” into the discussion. Birtherism was the shiznit, preferred by cable news show’s sponsors, bar none. Think about it this way, the bigger the rating$, the more expensive commercial time, the more manipulations, and the more profits for our corporate media apparatus and corporate advertising apparatus. From zero to 100, real quick, Birtherism was held in high esteem by our corporate media apparatus. But here’s the best part, our corporate advertising apparatus held Instant Gratification worthy of high esteem too. So, not only was racism held in high esteem, Instant Gratification was its equal. So, yea, rating$ grew expeditiously and yes, it was and still is a brilliant strategy. Some like it hot, some like it gold. So, you really can’t blame our corporate media apparatus for being successful. Truth be told, I’m impressed. However, all good things must come to pass, because back in 2011, Republicans scoff at Birtherism and played footsie with Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression. However, Birtherism found its new king, and the rest is Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Listen, if you’re like me, you know Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a tale of dishonesty, deceit, ruthlessness, and my favorite, revenge. The Republican’s propensity for revenge, especially when they target one man, as in the case of former President Bill Clinton, and then President Obama, was only a preview to what they’ll do against Trump. Oh, and by the way, our corporate media apparatus had purchased and sold Mitch Brutus McConnell’s narrative that Republicans are united against Hillary Clinton.  Excuse me, but Republican’s propensity for revenge out ranks their propensity for social bullying. So, there you have it, Trump vs All Those Republicans Betrayed by Trump, is the shiznit. C’mon, Rome didn’t fall in one day!

“He’s been the total bully. He would go after those GOP candidates and destroy their lives.”  “He was an unbelievably nasty, mean bully, and what he did to a lot of those GOP candidates was disgraceful.”  Amateur Psychologist

Just who is an enabler of past infidelities? Trump screwed over all those GOP candidates, yet wants us to believe that Hillary Clinton is an enabler, based on Trump’s projecting his own anti-woman beliefs onto Hillary Clinton. It’s an old manipulation tactic, but hey, it still works for Trump. I ain’t mad at Donald Trump, because when enough time passes, he won’t see the Republicans revenge coming. Trust me, just like Republicans sought revenge against former President Clinton and now against President Obama, well, that’s just a preview of what’s in store for Donald Trump. The only difference, Republicans were quick to publicly admit their revenge against former President Clinton and President Obama. It gave them some kind of street cred in Republican’s circles. But in Trump’s case, revenge will best be served cold. Trump will soon receive many opportunities to say this phase, “Et tu, Brute?” 

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