Trump And His Passion For Betrayal

 “He’s been the total bully. He would go after those GOP candidates and destroy their lives.”  “He was an unbelievably nasty, mean bully, and what he did to a lot of those GOP candidates was disgraceful.”  Amateur Psychologist

Just who is an enabler of past infidelities? Because some of those same GOP candidates had forgiven Trump to the degree of supporting him in the general election. The obvious perception, and rightfully so, is that Quid Pro Quo, permeated those relationships. However, and what our corporate media apparatus won’t tell you, is that some Republicans admire, look up to, and honor Narcissistic men like Trump and his past infidelities. The best part, many of those same Republicans hold revenge close to their hearts, and when enough time passes, Trump will never see their revenge coming. All I can say, “Keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer, has a new meaning in the Republican Party.” You and I know, that the Republican Party is at stake. He who betrays Trump will take over as the face of the Republican Party. Now that’s a winning goal, and trust me, Republicans are lining up to betray Trump. Especially the ones pretending to be his BBF. C’mon, this is a classic betrayal technique. Trump did it back in 2011. He pretended to be, “friends,” with the Republican Party, while simultaneously, he was betraying it. You know, by seizing the birther movement while Republicans cheered him on. Now brace yourself, because on June 16, 2015, Republicans realized that Trump had betrayed them for the first time and that Trump had a four year head start. Republican’s egos were shattered, and all the Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression couldn’t put the Republican Party back together again.

By now you know, but if you’re new to this blog, here’s another twist to this story. Our corporate media apparatus invested heavily on their Clinton vs Trump rating$ juggernaut. I’m impressed, because millions of viewers approve. However, if you prefer the Trump vs All Those Republicans Betrayed By Trump, then you’ll have to visit my blog everyday to read about it. It has all the drama, suspense, mayhem, wrongdoing, scandalous, deceitful, and corrupt behavior as any other story. Donald Trump’s Betrayal is the shiznit.

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