Trump vs A Volcano Of Revenge

Our corporate media apparatus dropped the ball, because its “Narcissism is the new normal,” strategy already worn out its welcome. Since most media Executives are Narcissists, Trump was just an extension of them. Trust me, only a Narcissist would believe that Clinton vs Trump is a rating$ juggernaut. However, what you won’t hear from our corporate media apparatus is that “Trump vs All Those Republicans Betrayed By Trump” has its benefits. If you’re like me, then you know, that betrayal and revenge, such as the case in Trump vs a volcano of revenge, is the shiznit. For those of you just tuning in, this tragedy actually began in 2011. Back then, Trump betrayed the Republican Party by seizing the birther movement. Because Republicans had failed to deliver on their promises to, “Put President Obama in his place,” ya know what that means, the birthers sought revenge against the Republican Party, and the rest is Donald Trump’s Betrayal. It wasn’t until June 16, 2015, when the Republican Party realized they’d been duped, bamboozled, punk’d by Trump. Let me put it this way, the Republican Party never saw the birthers’ revenge coming.

When enough time passes, Trump will not see the Republican Party’s revenge coming. History will show that Trump played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Republican Party and the quick rise to more Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Today, those Republicans bestowing honor on Trump, are plotting against him. Listen, Trump got 99 problems, but Hillary Clinton ain’t one. Because Republicans do revenge better than they do social bullying. Truth be told,Trump reminds me of Julius Caesar, but here’s the best part, those Republicans jumping on Trump’s bandwagon are actually conspiring against him. The proof is in the pudding, Christie, Carson, Cheney, I rest my case!

Our corporate media apparatus and Trump sympathizers are anxious to divert attention away from the biggest scandal. You know, that Trump’s campaign precipitated the end of the Republican Party. Their pre-paid event, Clinton vs Trump is losing momentum, because “Trump vs All Those Republicans Betrayed By Trump”, is more scandalous, more deceitful, more drama, and it’s more of a rating$ juggernaut. /mic drop



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