Donald Trump vs All Those Republicans Betrayed By Trump

You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus. Why? Because Clinton vs Trump is a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus. Listen, Trump knows better than anybody, that our corporate media apparatus’ insatiable appetite for rating$ trumps (no pun intended) everything. Knowing that and feeling that, one could easily see why a Narcissist, the court of public opinion, and a villain in the same story, is a rating$ juggernaut.  However, Trump vs All Those Republicans Betrayed By Trump, is the shiznit. Why? Because betrayal and revenge in the same story, has its benefits. Trump betrayed a lot more Republicans than we know, some of them live in Manhattan. Betrayal begets revenge. You and I know by now, Trump’s best strategy is to place the 2016 general election into the court of public opinion. Why? Trump is at his best when insulting, belittling, and taunting his opponent with trash talking, innuendo, and my favorite, playing footsie with the truth. C’mon, there are millions of voters addicted to judging Hillary with accusations from the court of public opinion. It’s a game they love to play. So, what if they’re worked from above by strings attached to our corporate media apparatus. Better them than me. Truth be told, Hillary Clinton is so good at politics that men like Trump are lining up to challenge her,and she has to give them a number, and they have to wait their turn. In the arena preferred by a majority of voters, you know, Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is the arena Hillary prefers. She’s one of the hardest working woman in politics, her resume is impressive, and she wrote, “A Guide To Standing Up To Bullying,” for future Democratic candidates running against candidates like Trump.

We see it today, Republicans plotting revenge against Trump. This Trump vs. All Those Republicans betrayed by Trump, if you asked me, is more scandalous, more deceitful, more drama than Clinton vs Trump, but hey more money for me. Our corporate media apparatus had invested in this Narcissism is the new normal. It’s a brilliant strategy and as we can see, it’s a rating$ juggernaut. So yea, I’ll give credit, where credit is due. I’m impressed. For example, what a devious and underhanded tactic Trump used on Ted Cruz, i.e., The National Enquirer. Cruz never saw Trump’s revenge coming. Take a moment, you’ll see how powerful the court of public opinion can be. That’s the arena Trump prefers and that’s gold for our corporate media apparatus. I ain’t mad at Trump, nor at our corporate media apparatus, they serve a purpose. But if you’re looking for a reprieve from the shackles of our corporate media apparatus, look no further, I’ll be good to you by telling you the story of Trump vs All Those Republicans Betrayed By Trump.

Trump got 99 problem, but Hillary Clinton ain’t one. Because Republicans do revenge better than they do social bullying.

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