You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Chicken Little Donald Trump tapped into the delusional proportion of his supporters’ exaggerated sense of superiority. Truth be told, Trump is the same self-centered, arrogant, and selfish Narcissist from 2011 as he is today. But, here’s the best part, only opportunistic pundits want us to believe that Trump tapped into the angry of his supporters, because they’d felt left behind. They should feel left behind, because they decided to live in the 1950’s. Listen, Trump’s supporters are actually angry because Republicans made grandiose promises to, “Put,” President Obama in his place, but they failed time and time again. Also, Trump’s supporters are enraged that President Obama succeeded time and time again. Listen, Trump already betrayed his supporters when he made grandiose promises back in 2011 and failed to deliver. Word to the wise, Trump’s delusion of grandeur is all his supporters will get from him.

Our corporate media apparatus for decades had been conditioning folks that, “Narcissism is the new normal.” Paving the way for a narcissist like Trump to rise in politics. C’mon, it was a brilliant strategy. Especially since for over two decade our corporate media apparatus had conditioned these same folks into believing that Bill and Hillary are Bonnie and Clyde. Like I’d said, brilliant strategy. Keep that in mind when you hear anti-Clinton critics recite the Clinton’s criminal rap sheet. You know, the court of public opinion accusations and the court of public opinion guilty verdicts. That’s right, anti-Clinton critics are worked from above by strings attached to our corporate media apparatus. How fun it must be, for corporate media CEO’s and opportunistic pundits, to be laughing all the way to their Cayman Island bank accounts? Look, I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters, better them than me.

You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Hillary Clinton dropped the mic on the Republicans. Did you see the Benghazi hearings? I rest my case!