Chicken Little Donald Trump’s Exaggerated Sense Of Superiority Part Two

Chicken Little Donald Trump’s 2016 narcissistic horse and pony show, actually made its debut in 2011. You know, when Trump had promised the moon, i.e. delivering evidence from his team of “Investigators,” that he had dispatch to Hawaii, regarding the authenticity of our POTUS birth certificate. How did he put it, when asked by Meredith Vieire…

You have people now out there searching– I mean, in Hawaii?

Absolutely. And they cannot believe what they’re finding. And I’m serious

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Trump was as self-centered, arrogant, and selfish then, as he is today. However, as if that wasn’t enough, Trump accused the POTUS of faking his college education, and demanded to see his college transcripts. But the best part, was how our corporate media apparatus tripped over its microphone wires, trying to put a microphone in front of Trump’s face. There was this insatiable media frenzy to hold Trump’s exaggerated sense of superiority in high esteem. Then because of the blistering evisceration of Trump at the hands of our POTUS, during the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Association dinner, the corporate media apparatus threw Trump under the bus. Why? Because Trump transformed into Chicken Little. However, and I’ll have to admit, that in 2015, our corporate media apparatus, “Narcissism is the new normal,” strategy was brilliant. C’mon, diverting attention away from Trump’s 2011 ass whooping by our POTUS, and holding narcissism in high esteem again in 2015, is what Wall Street called, rating$ and profit$. This Clinton vs. Trump general election battle is a rating$ juggernaut. Trump’s exaggerated sense of superiority had been cast as a Gladiator, and of course Clinton’s hard work and success had been cast as wickedness. Truth be told, Trump’s sense of superiority is greater than all of his supporters’ sense of superority. That’s why Trump is the face of the Republican Party. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Trump's shoesChicken Little Donald Trump is afraid, scared, and shaking in his narcissistic…


This is what I don’t understand about Hillary Clinton’s critics. They should be celebrating, that all of their court of public opinion accusations against Hillary Clinton, that they also found her guilty of, is the most preferred narrative, and/or script of our corporate media apparatus. C’mon, people to the left of Republicans, had placed all their eggs into some FBI’s email investigation basket. I kid you not, because Bernie Sanders lost the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton, some of his supporters jumped onto the accusation bandwagon. Hold up, this type of behavior made its debut in 2010. Remember how liberal minded Single Payer opponents felt abandoned by our POTUS, in 2010, over the Affordable Care Act. Remember how they threatened and encouraged other voters not to vote in the 2010 midterm elections. They sought revenge just like some are seeking revenge today in 2016. Well, nothing has changed since then, except some liberal minded folks are seeking revenge against Hillary Clinton, because they blamed her for Bernie Sanders’s second place finish. Never mind that our corporate media apparatus placed Bernie Sanders on a Gladiator pulpit, then threw him under the bus, after the New York primaries. I mean, just admit it, Chicken Little Donald Trump just replaced Bernie Sanders on that Gladiator pulpit. Hey Trump supporters, we already know how this ends.

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