Rubio Enables Trump To Persist In Destructive Behavior

Talk about revenge. C’mon, Rubio may be, “Apologetic,” but remember, this is the same man, Trump betrayed over and over again. Rubio was so embarrassed, that he suspended his campaign for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination. Times that by 15, and you can easily see why I’m so excited. Because the other 2016 GOP candidates are also seeking revenge against Trump. If anyone is seeking revenge against Trump, it’s Rubio. Knowing that and feeling that, we know everything is going to be alright. Especially when it comes to the majority of voters in America. We know a con-game when we see one. Trump is the latest con-game Republicans don’t want us to know about. This is what our corporate media apparatus is selling to their audience, a Clinton vs Trump story line. It’s brilliant, and it’s working, which is why I’m so impressed. Truth be told, I’m more than happy to blog about two other stories, being played out simultaneously with the Clinton vs Trump rating$ juggernaut. Donald Trump’s Betrayal and The Three Faces of Donald Trump. C’mon, unless you’d been living in a cave for the last decade, with no television/internet, then you know how Trump betrayed the entire Republican Party, back in 2011, by seizing the birther movement. The best part, Republicans were cheering Trump on back then. It wasn’t until four years later, when Republicans had to face the embarrassment of having been publicly duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Trump. This happened on June 16, 2015. The day the Republicans realized they’d dropped the ball. Oops, even the birthers had thrown Republicans under the bus. So here we are in 2016, our corporate media apparatus holds Trump in high esteem. Something about Rating$ and Profit$. I ain’t mad at it, because my blog caters to those with an insatiable appetite for reading about Donald Trump’s Betrayal and The Three Faces of Donald Trump. I’m not one to brag, but my stories are just as lucrative as our corporate media apparatus’s story, “Narcissism is the new normal.” I get it, men like Trump are a dime a dozen, and so what if they’re celebrating having their own hero, i.e. Trump. Men like Trump believe that Trump is one election away from being our next POTUS. But, since Trump and men like Trump are walking encyclopedias of mental disorders, one of the symptoms associated with them, Delusions of Grandeur.

Trump recently betrayed our Military Veterans, put he received the usual barrage of royal treatment from our corporate media apparatus. I for one, not surprised, because Trump can do no wrong. Why? Something to do with Rating$ and Profit$. One of my favorite corporate media apparatus strategy, is steering the conversation onto another topic. What better topic than rehashing old accusations, from the court of public opinion, against Hillary Clinton, and violá, like magic, all eyes and ears on Hillary. However, if you want the best of both worlds, you should stay tune to this blog, to received updates from, Donald Trump’s Betrayal and The Three Faces of Donald Trump.