Donald Trump Dropped The Ball Again

Confronted by his failure of putting Hillary Clinton on the defense, by accusing her of using the, “Woman Card,” Trump conceded defeat by doubling down on his failure. Which only proves that Hillary Clinton kicked his ass again. Oh, and by the way, you won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, because they want us to believe that Trump has an arsenal of insults against Hillary Clinton, but Trump is Chicken Little and because of his sense of superiority, he only had one insult against Hillary Clinton. Trump dropped the ball again, but here’s the best part, our corporate media apparatus diverted attention by celebrating Trump’s growing fan club. You know, how members of Congress joined “Narcissism Is The New Normal Club.” Yea baby, according to our corporate media apparatus, Trump’s won the day because Bobby Knight also joined the, “Narcissism Is The New Normal Club.” At this rate, Republicans in Congress will pass legislation honoring Trump with a national holiday, named after him, of course, called, “Narcissistic Day.”

As far as being a rating$ juggernaut, Clinton vs Trump, will supersede our corporate media apparatus’s expectations. C’mon, on the one hand, we have Hillary Clinton, who beat Republicans at their own game, kicks ass and takes numbers, and then we have Trump, the Narcissist extraordinaire. However, I’ll give credit where credit is due, because our corporate media apparatus held, “Narcissism,” in high esteem, while casting Hillary Clinton as the villain, it was a brilliant strategy.  So, I ain’t mad at our corporate media apparatus. I’m getting a piece of this lucrative pie, because Girls Rule The World!

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