Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Dropped The Ball Again

Trump is so afraid to run against Hillary Clinton, that he mistakenly agreed to reading a speech, in public, on Foreign Policy. Trump is best when being his Narcissistic self, exaggerated superiority, so any attempts to undermine Trump’s narcissism, the better chances of him dropping the ball, like he did on April 27, 2016, during his Foreign Policy speech. Since Cruz is one of the original 47 GOP Traitors in the Senate, he dropped the ball too, on April 27, 2016. Don’t get it twisted, picking Carly Fiorina for VP, vindicated what many of us already knew. That Carly Fiorina is as two-faced as Cruz, and coupled with her sense of superiority, was perfect for exploitation. Cruz exploited Fiorina, but for longevity, Trump would’ve been a better choice for VP. Which brings me to this, the dilemma our corporate media apparatus has today, is which kid to cheer for. The Villain or the Narcissist, because both kids are good and bad! You see, for decades our corporate media apparatus held Narcissism in high esteem, while simultaneously bullied the Villain. Holy Toledo, Clinton vs. Trump, i.e. Villain vs. Narcissist, is already a rating$ juggernaut, congratulation to our corporate media apparatus, but which kid do they cheer? Hillary Clinton is at her best, you know, when she’s kicking ass and taking numbers, and Donald Trump is at his best, you know, exaggerated superiority to hide his true self, Chicken Little. Listen, you won’t read this on any other blog, but our corporate media apparatus’s Villain vs. Narcissist strategy, was and is brilliant.

Listen, I’ll admit, I’m Chicken Little as far as walking my dog. For protection, I’d carry a golf club, yes, the biggest weapon I could legally carry in public. I’m so afraid of running into a stray dog or two, while walking my dog, that the walk is more stressful than relaxing. That’s cray, cray, I know, but I also know a Chicken Little when I see one. Donald Trump is Chicken Little, and he’s afraid to run against Hillary Clinton in the general election. Why? Because Hillary Clinton kicks ass and takes numbers and Donald Trump whines that the sky is falling.

Remember this nugget from Donald Trump back in 2011? Trump was exaggerating back then, as much as he exaggerates today. Gotta love Chicken Little.

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