Hillary Clinton Is One Of The Greatest Version

Hillary can honor the worthiness of the 99% while simultaneously¬†honoring the worthiness of the 1%. Now anti-Hillary critics use the latter to vilify Hillary, but the truth is, denial is a way of life for them. C’mon, denial is now the new normal in politics for dummies. This is why, you won’t hear from our corporate media apparatus, that Hillary Clinton is beating Trump at his own game and that Hillary Clinton kicks ass and takes numbers. Listen, I get why our corporate media apparatus had cast Hillary Clinton as the villain during this election cycle, rating$ and profit$, and it had over two decades of perfecting that image. So yea, it was a brilliant strategy, for real. Knowing that and feeling that, Hillary Clinton kept her eyes on the ball, and today she’s one of the greatest version of growth beyond ego and fear.

Anti-Hillary critics are ego addicted, and only a threat to themselves. They dropped the ball, because they’re worked from above by strings attached to our corporate media apparatus. They’re nothing more than jurors siting in the court of public opinion. Well, the court of public opinion is an wholly owned subsidiary of our corporate media apparatus. One of the greatest version of a society of fear.

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