Two-Faced Donald Trump

Let’s be clear, Donald Trump pretended to be friends with the Birthers, but as soon as his speeches were over, he’d vilified them. According to Trump’s chief strategist Paul Manafort, Trump had been playing, “a part,” during the campaign but will transform into his Presidential persona. Linguistic code for, “Two-faced Donald Trump.” Now do you see, how easy it was for Trump to betray the Republican Party back in 2011? Back then, Trump pretended to be friends with Republicans, but as soon as they left the room, Trump vilified them. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but there’s a good reason why Trump didn’t win the district that he lives in, Manhattan. Truth be told, those folks know all to well, that Trump is two-faced. C’mon, I can’t make this shit up! 😀

The court of public opinion, had accused Hillary Clinton of being the fund raising queen alongside her husband, in politics. What’s so amazing about this, you asked. Well, I’ll tell ya. For over two decades, our court of public opinion had accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of being the Bonnie and Clyde of politics. Meaning that everything they do is criminal, so critics of Bill and Hillary Clinton had no choice but to find them guilty on everything they’d been accused of. Fortunately, our corporate media apparatus knew that if it held Bernie Sanders in high esteem, and cast Clinton as the villain, rating$ and profit$ would ensue. I’ll give credit, where credit is due, it was a smart and brilliant strategy. What came next, was spectacular. The Clinton vs. Sanders fight, over the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination, was a rating$ juggernaut. But, like all good things, it had to come to an end. Right after the New York primary votes were counted and Clinton won by double digits, Sanders was thrown under the bus by our corporate media apparatus, in order for it to focus on the general election. Again, smart and brilliant strategy. What makes this story so interested, is that Sanders got a whiff of power, and today, he’s addicted. Something about becoming egotistical. Knowing this, I’d recently hear a theory about why Sanders should stay in the race. Because he’s beating Clinton at raising campaign funds, therefore, she’s losing to Bernie. So the theory is, because men do not lose to women, we’re suppose to forget about Clinton’s delegate count, popular vote total and her double-digit win in the New York primary. However, we should focus on the proof that Sanders is winning, because his fund raising totals are more than Clinton’s. Yea, you heard me, Machiavellianism strikes again. I love it, cause I can’t make this shit up!

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