Hot Sauce In Your Face

Hillary Clinton is beating her critics at their own game, and I for one, couldn’t be happier. Now, tell me who is the most qualified to be President of the United State? Hillary Clinton is kicking ass and taking numbers. Imma be real, Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, and she’s the epitome of, “Hard work pays off.” Yo, anti-Hillary critics, ya obviously don’t know who ya messing with. Hillary had been battle tested for over two decades, she still managed to make history, and on more than one occasion. For example, she became the first, First Lady elected to a public office. C’mon, some of us like it hot!

Here’s what so revealing about Bernie Sanders’s supporters, they decided to hold the Democratic Primaries hostage in order to coerce Hillary Clinton’s supporters into nominating Bernie. Why? Based on the myth, that Bernie can waltz through the general election unscathed. In reality, the Republican’s scorched earth politics and our corporate media apparatus’ court of public opinion, would chew Bernie up and spit him out. Bernie would be limping back to Vermont. How naive to believe that Bernie Sanders will just waltz through all of the Republican’s hurricane, and our corporate media apparatus’s tsunami of vilification, straight into the White House?  Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but today, she’s beating the Republican Party and our corporate media apparatus at their own game. Now say something.

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