Donald Trump Meet Hillary Clinton. She Beat Her Critics At Their Own Game.”

Hillary Clinton has a long record of using her critics’ methods to outdo them. Don’t believe me, ask Bernie Sanders. You won’t hear this on MSNBC, but it became too difficult for Bernie Sanders to keep up the pretense. Don’t get me twisted, I love Bernie Sanders, and was not surprised when his ego grew expeditiously after winning several caucuses. He spiked the ball more than once. Not a word was said, until last night, then protecting Bernie Sanders supporters, was the shiznit. Now, when it comes to Hillary Clinton spiking the ball is a, “BAD” thing. Linguistic code for make Hillary Clinton the ego driven candidate. Go figure!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Donald Trump, like those men before him, minimized the longevity of Hillary Clinton’s success. By now, we know that the Donald Trump’s of this world, dismissed Hillary Clinton at their own peril. Hillary Clinton is the epitome of, “Hard work pays off.” Don’t believe me, just look at her resume.

Extremists have a long record of callously disregarding the rights and feelings of others. So when Extremists decided to align with a political party, the Republican Party stood out. C’mon, the key to a Republican society is fear. Extremists love fear, and the rest of history.

For over two decades, our Conservative corporate media apparatus stoked the fears of their viewer by anointing Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Bonnie and Clyde of politics. OK, that was impressive, because it was and still is a rating$ juggernaut. I kid you not, so good in fact, that MSNBC, used FOX’s methods to outdo them. Today, MSNBC protects the feelings of privileged Americans. You know, the ones supporting Bernie Sanders. Nothing wrong with that, if I was in the media business, I’d do the same thing. It’s smart, innovated, but most importantly, it succeeded for MSNBC. To beat someone at their own game, is a story worth blogging about. Tis never a dull moment!

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