Protecting White People’s Feelings

Is the reason why MSNBC outfoxed FOX, and trust me, FOX was the original, but MSNBC beat FOX at its own game. Brilliant, if I may say so. I ain’t mad at MSNBC for protecting White people’s feelings, because it gave me the opportunity of a life time. C’mon, I can’t make this shit up! Bernie Sanders is the pied piper, a charismatic person who protects White people’s feelings. He’s so great, I now applaud MSNBC, for holding Bernie up in high esteem. Rating$ and profit$. Very impressive and brilliant strategy. Trust me, it was a great lesson to learn.

On the other side of this coin, the Republicans have a fatal attraction on their hands. Extremists had taken over the Republican Party, and they ain’t going no where. Protecting White people’s feelings in this case, proved to be toxic. FOX elevated racists, homophobic, and paranoid White people. It was a recipe for Extremism. FOX giveth and FOX can’t take it away. Extremists, like the rest of us, loves power, the more power, the better. In politics, it’s no difference. Once FOX bestowed power onto Extremists, they liked it, no they loved it and they ain’t letting go of it. Truth be told, Extremists are quick to remind us how powerful they are within the Republican Party. Every time one of these, “Religious Freedom or Anti-Women legislation are signed into law by Republican Governors, we get the message. Or at least some of us do. Like I’d said, Republicans have a fatal attraction on their hands. Which brings me to this point, protecting the feelings of stanch Hillary Clinton supporters, was an opportunity knocking and I’d invited her in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Listen, I’m no stranger to becoming a juror, seated in the court of public opinion. Imma be real, I have a prescription of Superiority pills, and guess what, this ain’t my first bottle. So yea, putting myself on a high horse, looking down at others, been there, done that! Here’s the best part, it don’t matter, because we’re all worthy of abundance. Knowing that and feeling that, Income Equality and Livable wages are the shiznit. I’m confident that a fifteen dollar minimum wage federal law, protects the feelings of millions of hard working Americans. It may be time to protect their feelings by giving them a $20.00, twenty dollar minimum wage federal law within a decade, just saying.

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