The Court Of Public Opinion Is Very Powerful

Don’t believe me? Well, fasten your seat beat, cause I can’t make this shit up! First, may I give kudos to our corporate media apparatus, because I’m so impressed by their successes. I’ll admit it, that this, “Court of Public Opinion,” is a very powerful strategy. Only in America can a person be accused by the, “Court of Public Opinion,” and be found guilty by those seated as jurors. You know, the jurors who swallowed a large superiority pill, then sat on their high horse, looking down upon others for their own personal gratification. Been there, done that, so I must say, “By creating the conscientiousness for others to follow, not only  is our corporate media apparatus as spectacular as a shooting star,  it knows a lucrative opportunity when it sees one. ”  Very impressive indeed.

Speaking of the, “Court of Public Opinion,” you may not believe this, but Hillary and Bill Clinton, were an after thought for our corporate media apparatus, back in the 1990’s. Today, because of Donald Trump’s Betrayal, Hillary and Bill Clinton are once again an after thought for our corporate media apparatus, but for a different reason. Today, our corporate media apparatus must spend its resources against an even bigger threat, Donald Trump’s Betrayal. You won’t hear this on FOX, but a civil war was unleashed inside the Republican Party, back in the 1990’s. When Extremists were coming out of the woodwork and aligning themselves with the Republican Party. And the best part, FOX was leading the charge back then, but today, the, “Court of Public Opinion,” against Hillary is still a ratings juggernaut, for “Liberal” media. You see, FOX was outfoxed by MSNBC. Very impressive indeed. I love it!

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