Victims Of This Clinton vs. Sanders Charade, You’ve Been Punk’d

In true form, our corporate media apparatus had already posted and distributed messages and images that will put an end to their, “Clinton vs. Sanders” fight. Oh, the new strategy won’t happen over night, but this, Clinton vs. Sanders” fight, had worn out its welcome. It’s time to move onto the general election. Time to pick the hero and the villain. Time to pick a winner, and time to place the bets. Listen, there will be no apology for the hurt and pain our corporate media apparatus caused, because they don’t give a rat’s ass about their marionettes. Holy smokes, it has an endless supply.

Which 2016 candidate had been bullied by our corporate media apparatus for over two decades, but is still kicking ass and taking numbers? There’s only one, guess who she is? Hillary Clinton, now say something.

Just proves how the court of public opinion is so powerful and probably why so many Americans love to be seated as jurors. Truth be told, many Americans are egotistical and have a sense of superiority. Here’s the best part, after they’d served their purpose for our corporate media apparatus, their strings are cut.


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