Go Ahead And Envy Her

Because she ain’t going no where. Why? Well for one thing, Hillary Clinton is one of the hardest working woman I know in politics. Second, hard work pays off. Third, she teaching us about kicking ass and taking numbers. Holy smokes, just look at her political resume. Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but she a force to be reckon with. I’m glad I’m on her side, because our corporate media apparatus is making out like a fat mouse cheese factory. Not only is Hillary Clinton a rating$ juggernaut, but her husband’s stock is just as lucrative. Truth be told, you would be too, if our corporate media apparatus spent over two decades vilifying you in the court of public opinion. Imma be real, the court of public opinion has its benefits. Here’s the best part, every person in the court of public opinion are worked from above by strings attached to our corporate media apparatus. This Clinton vs. Sanders fight is a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus. It’s also a brilliant way for minimizing Donald Trump’s Betrayal. If you’re new to this blog, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is one hell of a story. You see, once upon a time, back in 2011, Donald Trump seized the birther movement, while the Republican Party cheered him on. Unbeknownst to the Republican Party, was that Trump had betrayed them. It wasn’t until June 16, 2015, four years later, that the Republican Party knew they’d been betrayed. That’s the day Donald Trump announced his campaign for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination and became the face of the Republican Party. On that faithful day, a civil war had erupted inside the Republican Party and its existential apparatus, i.e., FOX, conservative radio, Religious Extremists, and my favorite, the Tea Party. Can I get a toot, toot? Remember when Rush Limbaugh was the face of the Republican Party, well those days are gone, because today, Donald Trump is the face of the Republican Party. The Republican Party went from bad to worse. But in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, the Republican Party found a scapegoat, Hillary Clinton. Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😀

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