Hillary Clinton Is A Rating$ Juggernaut

Don’t get me twisted, our corporate media apparatus is a force to be reckoned with, and I said this with kindness, it knew long ago, probably before the 1990’s, that Hillary Clinton had longevity with success in politics. Why? Because Hillary Clinton is aligned with Wisdom. Which means among other things, she knew that hard work pays off. Not only is Hillary Clinton one of the hardest working woman I know in politics, she has an impressive personal and professional resume that keeps growing. Impressively, she’d managed to silence the court of public opinion, by all her successes.  Imma be real, it was a good day for our corporate media apparatus to set forth a strategy to dishonor and disrespect this hard working woman, Hillary Clinton, which by the way, was and still is a brilliant strategy. Hillary Clinton did delivered and still delivers some spectacular rating$ and profit$. C’mon, you have to give credit where credit is due, transforming Bill and Hillary Clinton into Bonnie and Clyde, required hard work, then selling this perception to the court of public perception, again, hard work, but and voilá, rating$ and profit$. Among the other strategies, perpetrated by our corporate media apparatus, this one is my favorite. Recently, I’d read comments from a Bill and/or Hillary Clinton critic, and he/she paid tribute to all the crimes our corporate media apparatus accused them [Bill and/or Hillary Clinton] of committing. But and more impressive than that, these critics delivered the guilty verdict. As fascinating as that was, nothing could compare to the numbers of Liberals jumping onto this guilty verdict strategy bandwagon. There’s an old saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” OK, I’ll give credit to where credit is due, Liberals brilliantly cooperated with our corporate media apparatus, and impressively gain the advantage. You know what, I couldn’t be prouder of MSNBC. Impressive indeed!

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