Shhhh, You Won’t Hear This On FOX, But Republican Voters Settled For Less

Well, to any astute observer, all of the seventeen (17) 2016 GOP Primary candidates were bottom feeders. Nothing wrong with that, just proves that karma is a bitch. C’mon, decades of having a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of millions of Americans, you and I know, that Republicans paved the way for Donald Trump. Now, tell me I’m wrong! However, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, Republicans found a scapegoat or two. That’s when our corporate media apparatus sees opportunity knocking. Take for example, this Clinton vs. Sanders, fight on the Democratic side.  Truth be told, it’s a very brilliant strategy that succeeded in creating a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus.  That, and the fact that it minimized Donald Trump’s Betrayal. You remembered, how Donald Trump betrayed the Republicans back in 2011, by seizing the birther movement, while Republicans were cheering him on. Then on June 16, 2015, Republicans realized they had been duped, bamboozled, scammed, you name it, by Trump. Today, Trump is the face of the Republican Party and standing next to Trump, runner up, Ted Cruz, one of the original 47 GOP Senate Traitors. What a price for Republicans to paid for having a sense of superiority.

Voters who conspicuously seek attention by aiding and abetting “Narcissistic” politicians, does so at his/her own peril. Look at it this way, angry voters are just a linguistic code for, “superficial voters.” They are puppets worked from above by strings attached to our corporate media apparatus. Here’s the best part, while holding up in high esteem, “Narcissistic” politicians as being worthy of becoming our next President, our corporate media apparatus perceived Hillary Clinton as less than worthy of being our next President. Don’t believe me? Well, you won’t hear this on MSNBC, but this Clinton vs. Sanders fight, you know, where Sanders is the good guy, and Clinton is the wicked villain, well first of all, it’s a rating$ juggernaut, but second, thanks to decades of our corporate media apparatus’ vilifying Hillary Clinton, it’s a win, win. She’s one of the hardest working woman I know in politics and has the most impressive political resume on record, yet she’s harshly judged by voters who are the definition of marionettes, and who always settled for less.


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