Corporate Media’s Court Of Public Perception

Is awesome. And, nobody knows that better than our 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. She’s one of the hardest working woman, I know in politics. I’m confident that she can appreciate those who work just as hard as she does. Take for example, our corporate media apparatus. For over two decades, it created an image that Bill and Hillary Clinton were Bonnie and Clyde that captured the hearts of millions of Americans. The best part, that Bonnie and Clyde image went from zero to 100, real quick, into a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus. Knowing that and feeling that, I’m impressed. Because when you owe the court of public perception, it’s like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. Yet, despite it all, Hillary Clinton came out unscathed. Seriously, she’d managed to amass a one of a kind, spectacular, and impressive political resume. Listen, some of us are aware, that a long term marriage is the result of hard work. Any long term relationship is the result of hard work. So, I think it’s safe to say that, “Hillary Clinton is one of the hardest working and successful woman, I know in politics.” So yea, she’s a rating$ juggernaut, on both sides.

This Clinton vs. Sanders fight, is all the proof I need, that our corporate media apparatus owes the court of public perception. What could be more impressive than a powerful tactic of pointing your finger at someone, while simultaneously masking Donald Trump’s Betrayal. You know, how Trump seized the birther movement back in 2011, when Republicans were cheering him on. Only to find out some four years later, in 2015, that they [Republicans] had been betrayed by Trump. It truly is the best part of this story. Because in this,”Clinton vs. Sanders rating$ juggernaut, making Clinton the villain, was a brilliant strategy for two reasons. One, profit$, and two, deny and/or minimize Donald Trump’s Betrayal. I like it, I gave it two thumbs up!

Imma be real, because to those who claimed Hillary Clinton lost in 2008, you are about to get schooled. Clinton turned a temporary setback, into a victory. She was nominated and confirmed as the United States Secretary of State. And, make no mistake how important it was for Hillary Clinton to be seated in the same room inside the White House along side President Obama and a few good men, watching the mission unfold on bin Laden’s compound. Impressive indeed!


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