Bernie Sanders’ Ego

The extensive training I’d received for over three decades, on, “How to deal with a male ego,” I know one when I see it. Each one is unique as well as fascinating, I kid you not. Bernie Sander campaign used the, “Poor Me” role to manipulate their supporters. Just call me lucky, because I was impressed. Here’s the best part, Sanders campaign didn’t lie when it accused our corporate media of wanting Bernie to drop out of the 2016 Democratic Primaries. How clever of the Sanders’s campaign at exploiting their caring and conscientious supporters, who cannot stand to see anyone, “suffer.” That’s why I’m so lucky, because I have a tale to tell. You see, only a minority in our corporate media wants Sanders to quit, but the majority of our corporate media wants Sanders to stay. Why? Because the, “Clinton vs. Sanders,” fight is a rating$ juggernaut. So, if it don’t make money, it don’t make sense. There will come a day when the outcome of this primary will be the end to this Clinton vs. Sanders” fight, but until then, it’s black gold and Texas tea. Yea, I’ll give credit where credit is due, because this ploy of portraying Sanders as a victim of someone’s else’s behavior in order to gain votes, was brilliant. Just proves that the Sanders’s campaign is driven by a man’s ego. Imma be real, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to hard work, and hard work pays off, because among her many talents, she can deal with any man’s ego, effectively and efficiently. C’mon, for over two decades and counting, she’d been accused of wrongdoing, convicted in the court of public perception, and prosecuted and sentenced to vilification by a majority of our corporate media apparatus. What is so impressive, that she came through all that, unscathed. Not only does she had the most impressive resume in politics, but she’s on top personally and professionally. This ain’t Hillary Clinton’s first rodeo dealing with a male ego. The more women in politics, kicking ass and taking numbers, the merrier.

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