Seeing Hillary Clinton In A Good Light

I’d admit, its challenging for me, to see myself in a good light, so the tendency to seeing others around me in a good light, is just as challenging. Do I have the tendency to become judgmental? In a heart beat, c’mon, that’s second nature for me. However, and I say this with kindness, hard work is a virtue, and Hillary Clinton is one of the hardest working woman, I know in politics. Oh, and trust me, she’s a great teacher. Knowing that and feeling that, one can understand my admiration for Hillary Clinton. Hard work does pay off, and Hillary Clinton is no stranger to working hard. She’s on top personally and professionally, even though her name had been dragged through the mud for decades for the personal gratification of our corporate media apparatus. Speaking of impressiveness, our corporate media apparatus deserves some much needed credit. This Clinton vs. Sanders fight is a rating$ juggernaut. Just wanna give kudos to a brilliant strategy. So, there you have it, even our corporate media apparatus sees Hillary Clinton as a means to a profitable end. If our corporate media can prosper because of Hillary Clinton’s dedication to hard work, then we can appreciate and continually benefit from her audacity to succeed.

Imma be real, who else in politics, except Bill and Hillary Clinton, had the longevity and consistency of being a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus? If you’re in the media business for rating$ and profit$, then Bill and Hillary Clinton are one of your go to story lines. Listen, I ain’t mad, this Clinton vs. Sanders strategy was brilliant. After decades of conditioning the minds of millions of their viewer, that Bill and Hillary Clinton are Bonnie and Clyde, it was child’s play for our corporate media to make Hillary the villain, in their recent story line. That’s called, “Hard work pays off.” So, my hat is off to our corporate media apparatus, for a job well done. It recognized long time ago, that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the epitome of, “Hard work pays off.” Trust me, there are more exceptional people in politics as well as in our corporate media apparatus, they’re just as awesome as Bill and Hillary Clinton, but in their own unique way.  I think it’s safe to say, that Bill and Hillary Clinton had been and still are a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus. All they do is win, win, win.


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