Political Power Brokers, Ya Messing With The Wrong Woman

The Good Ole Boys, our Corporate Media Apparatus, called them what you like, but they’re impressive. They’d perceived our Government as a commodity, worthy of owning as many shares as possible. I understand how buying and/or selling off our Government became a sport, and that it was preferred by the wealthiest among us. A game that included, but was not limited to, manipulations, deceit, underhanded tactics, lies, holding out a carrot stick, and more, just so a few Billionaires could accumulate more wealth. A wealth game, that they made look easy. If you appreciate success, then know that selling off our Government, was a success for a few Billionaires. Now, I ain’t mad at them, and I’ll give credit where credit is due. Exploiting others for personal gratification requires hard work and I appreciate hard working people. Who am I to judge what is good or bad, all I know is that, “Hard work pays off.” Listen, it took decades for our corporate media apparatus to create this image that Hillary Clinton is the villain. It’s so successful, that today, the Clinton vs. Sanders fight is a rating$ juggernaut. So yea, I’m very impressed that so many Americans willingly become puppets, worked above by strings attached to our corporate media apparatus. Listen, I can’t make this shit up!

So knowing that and feeling that, I’m certain that in order for Hillary Clinton to amass this exceptional resume, was no accident. She worked hard to get where she is today, and as challenging as the Presidency is, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to overcoming challenges. As Fmr. First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, first First Lady to be elected to a public office, i.e. Senator of the United States, to be nominated and confirmed to the top Diplomatic position in the United States, and successfully campaigning the Presidency of the United States, Hillary Clinton is one of the hardest working woman I know in politics. Also, as impressive as that is, I’m impressed by Hillary Clinton’s longevity. Unscathed by over two decades of being vilified by our corporate media apparatus, she’s proven that, “Hard work pays off.” Hillary Clinton was born ready, she so good at politics, that her critics are lining up to challenge her, and they have to take a number, and wait their turn.

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