There Are 3 Types Of Anti-Clinton Clubs To Join

The first club only accepts members with a sense of superiority. The second club only accept members who are naive. The third club are members who profit off the above two club members. Case in point, our corporate media apparatus instigated this, “Fight” between Clinton vs. Sanders. Why? Because it’s a rating$ juggernaut. It’s a brilliant strategy and it produces immediate results. Those results are profit$. Here’s the best part, pitting good against bad, will always tug at our emotions. In this Clinton vs. Sanders, “Fight,” Clinton is the villain and Sanders is the hero. Like I’d said, brilliant. Then, because our corporate media apparatus knows that, “Practice Makes Perfect,” making Clinton the villain, masterful move. C’mon, our corporate media apparatus had over two decades of vilifying Bill and Hillary Clinton and painting them as Bonnie and Clyde. For astute observers, like myself, this is child’s play for our corporate media apparatus, and because of that, it’s impressive.

What is as impressive as the Clinton vs. Sanders rating$ juggernaut, Hillary Clinton’s resume. To say that Hillary Clinton had achieved more than all of her critics combined, very impressive. Her resume includes, but is not limited to her public service record. She was First Lady of Arkansas. Then First Lady of the United States. Then she was the first, First Lady ever elected to public office. Then she was nominated and confirm as America’s top diplomat. Some two decades later, she’s poised to make more history by being the first female President of the United States. That’s impressive and yes, I support her, because I support exemplary people.

Shhhhhh, don’t tell our corporate media apparatus, but Girls Rule The World!

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