After the 2008 Elections, Republicans Traveled Down A Path To Punish Americans For Electing Our First Black President

I have one fascinating story to tell you. During the 2007/2008 Democratic primaries, and strictly for rating$ and profit$, our corporate media apparatus held being enrage at the possibility of having our first Black President, or the first Female President, in high esteem. So it goes without saying, millions of Americans are still enraged. C’mon, that’s a given, but what you won’t hear on MSNBC, is that many of those Americans were also Independent or Democratic voters. Perception is everything. So, in politics, like religion, the dominate guy had always been an old white male. Am I right? Ok, so it goes without saying, that the first Black President of the United States, could be seen as the beginning of a different dominance. That’s scary for millions of Americans, Independent, Democratic, and Republican, still living in the 20th Century. So, you could, kinda understand their obstructionism, just sayin! Hello, some of us are comfortable with the images of our Presidents, being old white men. Nothing is wrong with that, but some of us are excited about exploring new images. Nothing is wrong with that. Holy smokes, I’m excited about a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Wait a minute, don’t you see it, “Girls Rule the World.”

Our corporate media apparatus is also stuck in the 20th Century, but that’s OK, because there’re some many opportunities for Bloggers like myself. So, keep doing what you’re doing, corporate media, I ain’t mad at cha. Was it me, or did you see how our corporate media apparatus performed another sleight of hand, 20th Century trick? C’mon, every since Roe vs. Wade, and especially since 2010, State and Federal elected Republicans made a sport out of passing forced-birthing laws, to punish women and to appease Religious Extremists. Today, in 2016, Donald Trump says women should be punished for having an abortion, and suddenly, our corporate media apparatus transforms into Chicken Little. “The sky is falling.” Republicans had been and still are finding new ways to punish women who seek to have an abortion, no, let me correct myself, Republicans find ways to punish poor women for seeking an abortion. Everybody and and their momma knows, Republicans make a sport out of bullying Americans who don’t have a voice in politics. Then, just for fun, Republicans throw mud, i.e., vilify, demonize, and shun those Americans. Since perception is everything, look at those who are throwing the mud. C’mon, you get the picture. In the words of Dick Cheney, ” I think they’re in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency.”

Speaking of throwing mud, I find it so amusing that Conservatives had been throwing mud at Bill and Hillary Clinton for decades and Conservatives are still throwing mud at them today. Truth be told, the only ones covered in mud, are Conservatives. Go figure!

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