Let Go Of Your Resentment Susan

Seriously, you’re mad at the wrong person, i.e. Hillary Clinton. Hey, we’d all been there, you know, “If I don’t get my way, Imma fuck this shit up.” attitude. Truth be told, I’d seen enough of that same attitude on the Republican side of the aisle, so excuse me, if your rendition, does not impress me. What a short memory some of us have. Back in 2010, the, “If I don’t get my way, Imma fuck this shit up.” voters, decided, because they didn’t get “Single Payer Health Care,” passed, to punished President Obama, by not voting in the 2010 elections. Well a funny thing happened, Republicans got control of the House. Then by 2012, even though we re-elected President Obama, Republicans took control over the Senate. Yet, despite all of the Independent, Democratic and Republican obstructionist for the last seven years,  President Obama made significant progress, but he didn’t do it alone, he’d attracted some very smart, charismatic, thoughtful, and compassionate people, one of them was Hillary Clinton. Yet, because our corporate media apparatus recognized a ratings juggernaut in terms of Obama vs. Clinton, back in 2008, they’d since duplicated that very same ratings juggernaut, only this time, i.e. Clinton vs. Sanders. Folks like Susan want to turn back the clock, by threatening to fuck up the entire 2016 Presidential elections, if they don’t get their way. Seriously, that’s a path well traveled. What you won’t hear on MSNBC, is that you’ve been punk’d by our corporate media apparatus. C’mon, Clinton vs. Sanders had been and still is a ratings juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus. Listen, I’ll give Phil Griffin some credit, he’s on top of his game. He knows a rating juggernaut when he sees one. For example, last night, a host of MSNBC, used a very seductive and powerful adjective, i.e.”clobbered” when describing Bernie Sanders’s weekend Caucus victories over Hillary Clinton. Holy smokes, that pillow talk to Bernie Sanders’s supporters. As far as Clinton’s supporters, well, I’ll be more than happy to take care of them. You see, we’re not mad at our corporate media apparatus for playing both ends of the stick, no, Hillary’s supporters are grateful that we have plenty of opportunities to pillow talk to other Hillary’s supporters. Nothing wrong with having a warm and loving place to read about Hillary Clinton’s alignment with Infinite Wisdom. C’mon, she’s been through the fire, and came out unscathed. That’s impressive to me. She’s on top politically and personally. There’s a lot to be said about Hillary Clinton’s political career, because it’s a rags to political riches, inspirational story. So without further ado:


Not to be outdone, Republicans also have the story of a lifetime, i.e. Donald Trump’s Betrayal. All I can tell ya, “My cup runneth over.” 

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