Republicans Rot From Nixon’s Head Down

There’s no mystery to why in the year 2016, Donald Trump is the face of the Republican Party. It began with then President Richard Nixon in the 1960’s, because he, [Nixon] was a Narcissist extraordinaire. He preyed on the weaknesses of disaffected Democratic voters living in the Southern U.S., for his own personal gratification. Today, some decades later, the Narcissist extraordinaire, Donald Trump’s cumulative corruption was the straw that broke the Republican Party’s back. However, in the beginning, it was Nixon’s cumulative corruption, that caused him to face impeachment, but instead, Nixon opted to resign in shame. However, Republicans keep the Southern strategy and ran down to the mud hole with it. From Reagan, Bush Sr, to Bush Jr. Republicans plotted, schemed, and manipulated their way into the White House. Then, by 2010, someone convinced the Republican Party, that Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression were righteousness. Well, a funny thing happened to the Republican Party, on their way to stealing back the White House in 2016, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.”  You see, today, those disaffected Democrats are known as Birthers. Donald Trump seized the birther movement back is 2011, and the rest is Trumpism history.

I have a tale to tell, because I can’t make this shit up! Say what ya want about Hillary Clinton, but she’s on top, personally and politically. Talk about courage under fire, Hillary Clinton outsmarted, outplayed, and ran circles around all of her foes yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and truth be told, she’s as spectacular as a shooting star.

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