The Big Payback

If you’re new to this blog, you may or may not know about, “The Big Payback, ” or what some of us refer to as, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.” It’s a story of how in 2015, Republicans received their “Just Deserts,” and his name was Donald Trump. Ok, you’ve been warned, now fasten your seatbelt…

Once upon a time, in 2007, Conservatives made a sport out of questioning our POTUS place of birth. They did it, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves. Oh, and by the way, those same Conservatives found a scapegoat for their own failures. You guessed it, Conservatives blame our POTUS for everything. But beneath those Conservative’s arrogant faces, they also made a sport out of holding a carrot stick of security, while unleashing unlimited fear and self-loathing onto all those racist, homophobic, and paranoid people. AKA, Birthers. What proof do I have? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because Conservatives gave me the proof, when they put all their eggs in their Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression scheme basket. I knew then that Republican didn’t give a rat’s ass about Birthers, and were just stringing them alone for diabolical reasons. However, back in 2011, Donald Trump betrayed Republicans by seizing the birther movement. You won’t hear this on FOX, but while Republicans were cheering Trump on back in 2011, Trump was betraying them. Then in 2015, Trump solidify his dominance over the Republican Party by announcing his candidacy for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination. Guess what, the Birthers support Trump, making it harder for any of the other charlatan to getting their hooks into the birther movement. Trump made his announcement knowing that he’d betrayed Republicans. Holy smokes, it was at the moment that Republicans as well as millions of astute observers, realized that the Republican’s schemes, i.e.,  Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, had been defeated by Trump. Because immediately our corporate media felled in love with Trump, something about rating$ and profit$, and it threw Republicans under the bus. Today, in 2016, Trump is the face of the Republican Party, and I feel very, very grateful that I don’t support the Republican Party. Because they’d been outsmarted, outplayed, and made a fool of by Trump. Oh, and by the way, Trump is a Narcissist, and his supporters are Narcissists, because they all have one thing in common, i.e., a sense of superiority. A sense of superiority that has no bounds, Blacks, Whites, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, you name them, they support Trump. So, I’m not surprised that Trump’s supporters, aka, Birthers are dancing to, “The Big Payback.” They’re seeking revenge against Republicans for broken promises. Knowing that and feeling that, I ain’t mad at Trump, no, just the opposite, because for me, as a Blogger, I can’t make this shit up. So yea, I’m making the most out of Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Now, do you get the picture? 😀

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