Christians Are Being Undermined From Within Trumpism

Holier than thou Narcissistic Christian Leaders, exploit Christians for their own personal financial gains. So, it’s no surprise to me that Evangelicals support Trump and/or Cruz. Just proves that Christians are being manipulated by a few Narcissistic Christian Leaders. So, I ain’t mad at Christians, no, just the opposite, because they’re being undermined by Trumpism. Those few Narcissistic Christian Leaders, most of whom are male, have an insatiable appetite for political power. Holy smokes, all I can do is send my prayers and thoughts to all those Evangelicals supporting Trump and/or Cruz.

Listen Republican Senators, your constituents are angry as hell, because ya keep kowtowing to Mitch McConnell. Truth be told, Mitch McConnell, (in the words of Elizabeth Warren) is a loser. Why would anyone support Mitch McConnell, when all Mitch McConnell does is kowtow to Extremists? Yet, somehow, McConnell bamboozled, coerced, and bullied all those Republican Senators into following him off another cliff. At some point, even those most supportive Republican Senator, will eventually pull the curtains back, and see that Mitch McConnell is a loser.  However, in order to fulfill his high opinion of himself, after kowtowing to Extremists, Mitch McConnell writes a check, that he knows his ass can’t cash. He’s all talk, no actions, and quite frankly, a loser. Now, that’s good news for Bloggers like myself, but for all those Republican Senator’s constituents, it’s bad news. All I can say is, “Scam on Mitch McConnell, scam on!” 

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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