Birthers Are Being Undermined From Within Trumpism

The path to Trumpism started with Narcissistic men and women calling themselves Christians. You know them, because they have a sense of superiority, a need for approval from other Narcissists, and a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others. They exploit others for their own personal financial gain.  They believe they are entitled to the Presidency of the United States. Their behavior is often offensive to others, but thanks to our corporate media apparatus, these Narcissists are held in high esteem. I’d wondered why? So, I’d said to myself, “Maybe, in this case, the old saying is true, you know, that the fish rots from the head down.” 

Listen, you don’t have to look no further than Washington, D.C. to find the most narcissistic men and women masquerading as Republican politicians. Seriously, when Republicans were confronted by their own failure, i.e. Donald Trump, they predictably found a scapegoat to fulfill their high opinions of themselves. Therapists call this grandiosity, because Republicans have an exaggerated belief in their own importance. However, I’d noticed that their arrogance, selfishness, and callousness towards others, were held in high esteem by our corporate media apparatus. I’d wondered why? But not anymore, because the old saying, “The fish rots from the head down,” is true in this case.

Was anyone surprised that Jeb Bush endorsed the Traitor extraordinaire, Sen. Ted Cruz? Birds of a feather…

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