Excuse Me, Chris Matthews

But who died and left you President of the United States? On March 22, 2016, you and those yippee-ky-yay Republicans got your panties all in a bunch because our President attended a baseball game in Cuba, on the day of another terrorist attack, this time in Belgium. You and those other yippee-ky-yay Republicans need a reality check. Because the last time I’d checked, you nor those narcissistic Republicans were elected President of the United State. However, your narcissism coupled with your superiority complex is the reason I’m weaning off MSNBC. Trust me, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that Phil Griffin gave me and millions of MSNBC viewers the middle finger. Also, it’s obvious that you, Chris Matthews received Phil Griffin’s memo about appealing to Birthers, something about rating$ and profit$. I ain’t mad at Phil Griffin, because a fish rots from the head down.

Listen Republicans, our corporate media apparatus may hold scapegoating in high esteem, but really, blaming President Obama for everything is the definition of insanity. No wonder Donald Trump is the face of your Narcissistic Party, a.k.a the Republican Party. Oh, and by the way Republicans, your superiority complex is so small, it fits inside a miniature bathtub.

Girls Rule The World!

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