A Voters Guide To Standing Up To Republicans

Just say, “NO,” to Republicans. There will come a time, when even the most naive Republican voter will realized that Republicans have only one agenda. And that agenda is helping a few Billionaires accumulate more wealth. You can best believe that Republicans kowtow to Extremists, only because they need their votes to get elected. Oh, don’t get me started on our corporate media apparatus’s propensity for creating an alternate political world. You know, where Narcissism is held in high esteem. Where racism is held in high esteem. Where homophobia, Islamophobia, etc…are held in high esteem. Then when the shit hits the fan, our corporate media holds scapegoating in high esteem. All because of rating$ and profit$. Citizens United was nothing more than a money making scheme that would benefit our corporate media apparatus. A bigger paycheck for the wealthiest. Trust me, Republicans as well as our four wholly owned subsidiaries of Wall Street, SCOTUS Justices, Alito, Thomas, Roberts, and Kennedy, were more than gleeful voting for Citizens United. C’mon, just like Republicans, those four SCOTUS Justices have the same agenda, helping a few Billionaires accumulate more wealth.

However, now that the Republican lynchpin, Scalia passed away, they [Republicans] are in mourning. Mitch McConnell is still in shock and disbelief over losing the SCOTUS. But, here’s the best part, somehow McConnell convinced all the Senate Republicans to support his asinine anti-SCOTUS nomination process.  In other words, McConnell threw all those Republican Senators up for re-election, under the bus, for his own personal gratification. McConnell kowtowed to Extremists and gave those Republicans the middle finger. McConnell doesn’t give a rat’s ass about those Senators, and I for one could not be happier. Because I can’t make this shit up. Thanks McConnell, because the Republican’s civil war is on and popping.

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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