Mitch McConnell’s Betrayal

Mitch McConnell betrayed all those Senate Republicans up for re-election, because of his propensity for kowtowing to Extremists, in this case, racist Conservative groups. I can’t make this shit up! Seriously, those Republican Senators following Mitch McConnell’s anti-SCOTUS nomination stance, are in for a rude awakening. Just like Donald Trump betrayed Mitch McConnell and other established Republicans, back in 2011, McConnell just borrowed a page from Trump’s playbook. Except McConnell is being coerced by racist Extremists.  Holy smokes, McConnell is a coward, he talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk. Trust me, McConnell had brought shame and embarrassment to his own family. Money can’t buy you love!

You won’t hear this on FOX, but Roger Ailes has to answer to Trump. You heard me, Roger Ailes is nothing more than a “puppeteer” dummy for Trump. How did it come to be? Because Roger Ailes like so many before him, manipulated racist, homophobic and paranoid people for their own personal gratification, until a bigger manipulator came alone, and the tables turned. The moral of this story, “Conservatism beget Birtherism, and Birtherism beget Trumpism.” 

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The Room

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