Trump Bitch Slapped Mitch McConnell

Obviously, Trump didn’t listen to Mitch McConnell’s pleas to stop the violence, because Trump just instigated a riot if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. Let that sink in for a moment. Then for laughs, think about this, Mitch McConnell somehow hoodwink the other Senate Republicans into signing up for his anti-SCOTUS nomination. Why is that so funny, because Trump just opened a can of whoop ass on Mitch McConnell. C’mon, McConnell is a little bitch and he has no control over Trump, yet managed to bamboozle all of the Senate Republicans. What does that say about the Senate Republican? All I can say, I can’t make this shit up! Mitch McConnell knew he would never stop President Obama, so he turned his attention to stopping Trump and it backfired. Trump just opened a can of whoop ass on McConnell. Here’s the best part, Senate Republicans put all their eggs in Mitch McConnell’s anti-SCOTUS nomination basket. Truth be told, Trump don’t give a rat’s ass about Mitch McConnell.

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