Every Buffalo Bill Wants Howdy Doody

Holy smokes, when the latest Buffalo Bill, i.e. Mitt Romney endorsed our 20th Century Howdy Doody, that was enough to break the camel’s back. That’s the moment I’d realized that the Republican Party was definitely in deep mourning over the lost of the SCOTUS. Honestly, grief had taken over the Republican Party to the degree that the Buffalo Bill movement secured at spot in the Republican party at electing their Howdy Doody to win the nomination. I kid you not, but the best part, it just proves how lucky Hillary Clinton is. Truth be told, Rubio is the perfect 20th Century Howdy Doody to run against Hillary in the general election. The Buffalo Bill movement inside the Republican Party, is just as extreme as the other political movements operating inside the Republican Party. Think about this, because of the lost of the SCOTUS, Republicans are in shock, but Bloggers like me had hit the jackpot. No kidding, I can’t make this shit up!

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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