Trump Speaks Birtherism

No single Republican can speak birtherism better than Donald Trump. Correction, no single Republican politician can speak birtherism better than Trump, even Cruz. 😀 Trump speaks the language of racism to Birthers. One of the many ways that Trump seduces Birthers via racism, is by vilifying our 44th President, by any means necessary. Truth be told, Trump is a Narcissist, but having a cat bird seat, watching him manipulate Birthers, gives me a feeling of gratitude. In terms most will understand, as a Blogger, I’ve won the jackpot. Trump is a gold mine, a treasure chest of diamonds and pearls, you get the picture. I ain’t mad at Trump, he seized the birther movement while the other Republicans were cheering him on. Little did those same Republicans know that Trump had just betrayed them. Now in order to save face, those same Republicans had gone back to threatening our 44th President again. This time over nominating someone to replace their lynchpin, i.e. Scalia in the SCOTUS. It’s all because Conservative Extremists are in mourning over the lost of the SCOTUS, and as of yesterday, they’re mourning the end of Citizens United. Jeb Bush’s exit out of the GOP President primaries was officially the end of Citizens United. So like so many times before, Republicans kowtowed to Extremists and this time they’d gone back to threatening our 44th President. Know this, Republicans are on a vicious cycle of kowtowing to Extremists, while simultaneously pointing their finger at others and calling others weak. It’s laughable at best, pathetic at worst. But Republicans willingly participate in their own public humiliation time and time again. I ain’t mad at them. Truth be told, their antics are worth blogging about. It’s so much fun!

Bill and Hillary Clinton, or in Conservative land, Bonnie and Clyde, are the wind beneath FOX’s wings. You won’t hear this on FOX, but Roger Ailes loves Hillary’s campaign. Where else could he create such manufactured hatred for one women? Thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Roger Ailes is raking in the rating$ and profit$ and I for one, couldn’t be happier for him. Many Conservatives had taken a page out of Roger Ailes’s book and they’re reaping rating$ and profit$ just by manipulating racist, homophobic, and paranoid Americans. It’s a win, win for everybody, especially Bloggers like me. I ain’t made at FOX.

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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