Conservatives Are Mourning The Lost Of The SCOTUS

So, understand this, be kind to them. Yes, send them your thoughts and prayers. Conservatives must be given the chance to grieve. C’mon, they’re no different than the rest of us, so give them some much needed sympathy.

Listen, Republicans are no stranger to losing something of value. The Republican Party had been taken over by Extremists. Millions of Americans don’t recognized the Republican Party. But, here’s the best part, since our corporate media apparatus holds extremism in high esteem, the Republican Party should really be thanking their lucky stars. C’mon, that’s a fu*king big deal.

However, President Obama is no stranger to winning somethings that are of value. The Democratic Party greatly benefited from President Obama’s alignment with Infinite Patience. Truth be told, billions of people from all over the world hold President Obama in high esteem, now that’s a fu*king big deal.

Hillary Clinton is the eight wonder of the world and she’s aligned with Infinite Wisdom. Think about this, since the early 1990’s, Conservatives had made it one of their missions to annihilate Bill and Hillary Clinton. However and decades later, Bill and Hillary are standing on top of the political mountain, while simultaneously Conservatives had fallen off the mountain into the abyss.

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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