A Liberal SCOTUS

You won’t hear this on FOX, but Scalia was the Republican’s lynchpin, now he’s gone, and Republicans are really angry at him.  Imagine waking up this morning, realizing that Donald Trump is still the face of your political party, and your lynchpin, i.e. Scailia, is gone forever. In other words, Republicans are screwed, up the creek with no paddle, barking up the wrong tree, you get the picture. Not only that, imagine if you will, that back in 2011, Trump betrayed the Republicans by seizing the birther movement, while Republicans were cheering him on. Trump’s betrayal is now a major source of humiliation for Republicans, coupled with the fact, that Trump is the face of the Republican Party, thanks to those Birthers. However, the best part, all the Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression can’t put the Republican Party back together again. C’mon, the Republican Party had splintered, unraveled, and came apart at the seams. Let me count the ways, for one thing, look at all those Republican Traitors that came out of the woodwork. 47 GOP Traitors who signed that treacherous letter to Iran. Then there are Republican Governors who had no qualms poisoning some Americans via toxic water. Then, there are those House Republicans using taxpayer money to fund their illicit investigation committees. We’d seen how often and without hesitation, Republicans kowtowing to domestic terrorists. Truth be told, the list is long, but it just proves how Republicans are definitely old school. Republicans are partying like it’s 1899, their 18th Century politics are stale, outdated, and a relic of epic portions. They should be thankful that our corporate media apparatus holds them in such high esteem, now that’s a big fu*king deal. On the other hand, President Obama had ushered in 21st Century politics which meant, unlimited success before, during, and I can’t wait for the after, his Presidency. It took me four years, from 2007 until 2011 to realize why I was excited about President Obama. Then in 2011, it came to my attention, that President Obama was/is aligned with Infinite Patience. Today, 2016, because of his astute leadership, we’d witnessed the dawn of a Liberal SCOTUS, now that’s a big fu*king deal.

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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