Fraud Alert

It had come to my attention, that the Republican’s ideology known as, “Small Government” is synonymous with domestic terrorism. I ain’t mad at cha! Because the Republican Party is shrinking so fast, that soon it will fit inside a bathtub.

For the longest time, our corporate media elites had promise to defeat Bill and Hillary, yet some decades later they [Bill and Hillary] are the Bella of the Ball. How does that happen? When your only true agenda is helping a few Billionaires accumulate more wealth, by any means necessary, our corporate media elite’s scam on millions of voters, is the greatest political scandal of our time. The flip side is that in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, our corporate media elites found a scapegoat. And ,the rest is betrayal history. If today, you feel betrayed that Bill and Hillary are the Bella of the Ball, then you have only one person to blame, yourself. Bill and Hillary are here to stay, and trust me, it’s in the best interests of those corporate media elites. You won’t hear from the elites over at FOX, but Bill and Hillary gave them life. Made them the rating kings of cable news. Made all their hosts millionaires and gave them the fame they so righteously enjoy. Yet, to hear them tell it, Bill and Hillary are the wicked couple from the South. I love it when a brilliant strategy works, don’t you?

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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