Bill & Hillary Clinton Are Great People

Holy smokes, Bill and Hillary Clinton are the essence of longevity. They’re a dynamic duo, in politics and in their personal lives. Truth be told, it’s fun to watch Bill and Hillary’s critics twist and turn themselves into pretzels. They’re all knotted up with living with resentment. They really can’t help themselves. Imagine if you will, that your paycheck was depended on you living with resentment everyday, c’mon, you’d be angry, and mad, and revengeful too. It’s no secret that every since the 1990’s, that our corporate media apparatus implemented a brilliant strategy to help them manipulate millions of voters. By vilifying Bill and Hillary Clinton, and painting them as a wicked couple. It was an exceptional scheme, because it worked, to a degree. You see, today, some decades later, Bill and Hillary’s political success, is greater than all of their critic’s failures. Trust me, that ain’t sitting to well with Bill and Hillary’s critics. Let’s not pretend, Bill and Hillary have plenty of critics, so you can imagine how much success I’m talking about. Bill and Hillary are the embodiment of, “Massive Success Is The Best Revenge.” You feel it, and it’s very palpable, and it’s in plain sight, and it’s the reason why their critics feel so much resentment. Honey Boo, Boo, I ain’t mad at Bill and Hillary’s critics, because they’re fun to watch. I feel like a kid in a toy store.

Christ Christie found out that vilifying President Obama was not the path to the White House. That and his corrupt Governorship. Really Christie, you didn’t know that your closet full of skeletons scared the Birthers. That all your trash talking about President Obama was all for naught. That your candidacy was as toxic as a lead filled pipe from Flint Michigan. You won’t hear this from FOX, but Christie played the fool for the personal gratification of our corporate media elites. Karma is a mitch!

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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