The Ego Had Landed

You won’t hear this on FOX, but Bill and Hillary Clinton are the embodiment of success. Their success in politics and more importantly, in their personal lives, can be sum up as brilliant, remarkable, spectacular, you get the picture. So, why are they so vilified by our corporate media apparatus? Truthfully, it has something to do with Rating$ and Profit$. So, yea, Bill and Hillary Clinton bring a lot to the table.

What brings fear to the hearts and minds of Hillary’s critics? I’m glad you asked. Is it because they’re living in the 18th Century? I mean, ain’t nothing wrong with that, because today, Girls Rule The World.

Why are Hillary’s critics so obsessed with Hillary? Everybody loves a winner, just sayin!

Dealing with success for as long as Hillary had been dealing with political success, has its benefits. Vote for success, you and I are deserving of more success.

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