Hillary Clinton Is A Political Gold Mine

Much to the chagrin of her critics. I ain’t mad at Hillary’s critics, they’re very entertaining. They’re so obsessed with Bill and Hillary Clinton, that it’s uncanny. Their resentment towards Bill and Hillary Clinton is palpable . C’mon, it’s no secret that Birthers are easily manipulated, and what better way to manipulate Birthers then by vilifying Bill and Hillary Clinton. Holy smokes, Birthers had been conditioned to detest Bill and Hillary Clinton, for decades, and on purpose. Here’s the truth, FOX built an empire on the backs of Bill and Hillary Clinton, so I ain’t mad at FOX. You won’t hear this on FOX, but they owe their success to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Think about this, since the 1990’s, Conservatives had been holding out the carrot stick of annihilating Bill and Hillary Clinton, yet, some decades plus later, Bill and Hillary Clinton are unscathed, and standing tall, Yet, Conservatives keep holding out that carrot stick. Now why is that? Conservatives know that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the goose that lays the golden Rating$ and Profit$ eggs. It’s a win, win. You won’t hear this on FOX, but Conservatives are betting the farm that Hillary Clinton will become the next Commander-In-Chief, because if you don’t know, Bill and Hillary Clinton are a gold mine for Conservatives and believe it or not, for Democracy.

Oh and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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