President Obama’s Revenge Was Massive Success

If you don’t know, now you know. Holy Batman, when candidate Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination, Republicans reacted like so many of us, “He doesn’t have a snowball chance in hell.”  Well, seven years later, history will show that from the beginning, he [President Obama] had massive success in winning the nomination, in being elected twice, and in accomplishments. Here’s the best part, President Obama’s successes began long before he was elected President of the United States, and will continue long after his Presidency.

Once upon a time, our corporate media elites were experts at, “Playing a sucker to catch a sucker.”  You know, how they duped Birthers into believing that they were smarter than President Obama, just so they [Birthers] wouldn’t realize, that they’re being exploited for the personal gratification of our corporate media elites. Just watch FOX for one minute, just saying. For dubious reasons, after the 2008 Presidential election, our corporate media elites help Birtherism in high esteem. However, in 2011, Donald Trump seized the birther movement while our corporate media elites cheered him on, unbeknownst they were being betrayed. Today, Trump is the Birther King, the face of the Republican Party and he wrote the book on, The Art of Betrayal.” I can’t make this shit up!

Know this, our corporate media elites would love to corral the Birthers back into their play pens, but for now, Birthers love Trump and why not? When you’re aligned with failure, Donald Trump is your best man. Betrayal, dishonesty, and lying permeates Trump’s thinking, so it’s no wonder why racist, homophobic, and paranoid voters support him. Trust me, that honeymoon ended on the first night. Don’t tell Birthers, but Trump knew like those before him, that Birthers are easily manipulated. Don’t believe me, listen to a Donald Trump’s campaign speech for one minute. On the other hand, the battle to winning back the Birthers is on and popping in our corporate media world. FOX, Conservative talk radio hosts, Grifters like Sarah Palin, Traitors like Ted Cruz, and Conservative Bloggers, wish they could be better at, “Playing a sucker to catch a sucker,” than Donald Trump. C’mon, Birtherism is like Christmas everyday for Democracy.

Oh, and by the way, Girls Rule The World!

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