Ted Cruz & The Freedom Caucus Received A Royal Ass Kicking

By Donald Trump and his legion of Birthers. Here’s the best part, Ted Cruz coupled with the Freedom Caucus got a public ass kicking. I can’t make this shit up! Everybody knows that Trump seized the birther movement from the Good Ole Boys back in 2011. However, it had come to my attention, that Ted Cruz might had been chosen by the Good Ole Boys, to seek revenge against Trump and today, we know how disastrous that strategy was. Oh, c’mon, everybody worth their weight in gold, knows that the Birthers are, (In Mitt Romney’s words), “The 47%.” Yea, that’s right, the majority of Birthers receive a Government Income while they’re condition to believe that “others” receive, “Free stuff.” In that case, or should I say, in the Birther’s world, receiving a Government Income equals, “Laziness.” Hold up, that’s just half the story, on the other hand, in the Birther’s world a Government Income for them, that’s their birthright, but for other Americans, they’re just lazy and don’t deserve it. Trust me, for Birthers, it’s all about their football stadium sized egos.  I mean, their egos are so inflated, they believed that the Freedom Caucus was on their side. That was until Ted Cruz convinced the Freedom Caucus that shutting down our Government was a good idea. For Birthers, that meant no Government Income and they don’t play that. Don’t get it twisted, this shit is hilarious, because Ted Cruz and The Freedom Caucus got ahead of themselves, shot themselves in the foot, and played the fool, you get the picture? Guess what, I’ve been there, done that.

However, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, our corporate media elites found a scapegoat or two, i.e. President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Listen, I don’t blame our corporate media elites, they know a thing or two about Rating$ and Profit$. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how easily manipulated Birthers are. So it goes without saying, “Play a sucker to catch a sucker.” That’s what our corporate media elites do better than anyone else. You know, make Birthers believe they’re smarter than anyone else, just so they [Birthers] won’t realize, that they’re being exploited for the personal gratification of our corporate media elites. Just watch FOX for one minute, just saying.

Listen, I get it why some in our corporate media are so invested in a nail biting Democratic Primary. They know a thing or two about Rating$ and Profit$. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how there’s no money in a boring Democratic Primary, especially after experiencing the 2008 Democratic Primaries. So it goes without saying, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Just watch MSNBC for an hour or two, just saying.

You heard it here first, Girls Rule The World!

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